03 December 2014

Yule trap

Our contribution to Yule Log 2.0.
Wish you a happy Advent Season!

13 November 2014

Kathi's dad, the cyclist

Final version colored
First draft
Character sketches
I was asked to create an illustration as birthday gift for Kathi's dad, Sigi. I was told the result was so close to reality as if I had been there too. Thank goodness I wasn't. I really enjoy cycling but I am sure I have not trained enough to keep up with those pensioners-biking-ironman-like-distances in no time. I can feel the sweat and pain when I just think about it, because we took the WRONG side of the Elbe cyling path close to Lauenburg this summer.
Ha ha, poor Kathi! Sorry for that, but I am sure you did better than in my illustration. At least your were still smiling on that photo you sent me :D
Ich wurde von meiner Freundin Kathrin beauftragt eine Illustration als Geburtstagsgeschenk für ihren Vater zu machen. "Als wärst du dabei gewesen!" lautete das Feedback, aber glücklicherweise war ich es nicht. Ich bin für solche Rentner-Triathlon-Distanzen nicht angehend trainiert genug und kann den Schmerz und Schweiß fühlen, wenn ich nur daran denke (ich sag nur: falsche Seite des Elberadwegs kurz vor Lauenburg!). Aber ich bin mir sicher, du hast dich viel besser geschlagen als ich es dargestellt habe. Auf dem Foto, das du mir geschickt hast, hast du nämlich noch Lächeln können :D

26 October 2014

Bday sketch and illustration work

It's been a while since my last post and Michaels birthday... but nonetheless here's the sketch I made for his birthday.

Finally I am lucky to work again for Kosmos as illustrator. Again some weeks of nice work for next years crafting kits. I made another illustration for a Kosmos set for plant breeding in the meanwhile, but I will keep it hidden until it's available for purchase. I really enjoy working for them as they are highly reliable, pleasant to work with and grateful clients. More of these, please!

11 September 2014

Test illustrations

Some test illustrations: a publisher asked me to illustrate a new print-on-demand children's book for them, but we couldn't find an agreement about the payment for the work and the transfer of usage rights that satisfied me. It was the first time a children's book publisher approached me and in the beginnig I was quite happy. Long contract negotiations later and the fact, they wanted to pay me some peanuts for a total buyout, changed my mind.
Since then I am member of the Illustratoren Organisation (illustrators association) and that's defintely a good place to get valuable information about payment, copyrights and so on.
I had already started to make some designs for me (always afraid I couldn't meet the expectations, stupid me), so here are two different coloring styles. The first one above is more flat and without outlines, also the colors are less bright than the second one. But all in all I like both of them.
Test Illustration: Ich wurde von einem Verlag angefragt, ein Print-on-demand Kinderbuch für sie zu illustrieren. Nach langen Vertragsverhandlungen, die für mich nicht besonders zufriedenstellend waren, wurden wir uns leider nicht einig. Um es kurz zusammen zu fassen, seitdem bin ich Mitglied in der Illustratoren Organisation, um mich besser über Vergütung und rechtliche/vertragliche Themen informieren zu können.
Ich hatte schon mit Entwürfen für mich angefangen (immer die Paranoia dass man den Anforderungen evtl. nicht gerecht werden könnte) und da Entwürfe für die Schublade so sinnnlos sind, habe ich für mich einen der Entwürfe coloriert. Die obere Illu ist flacher, linearer und ohne outlines, der untere Stil ist mit outlines und insgesamt auch farbenfroher geworden. Mir gefallen beide ganz gut.

18 July 2014


Nothing happening around here. It's time to make a physical and mental break and rethink how to get more requests that would finally lead to more serious, paid jobs.
Still thinking about building a simple website for my 2d animation and illustration work (this may attract clients more than a blog, where everything is mixed up, work in progress and without a focus) and putting a portfolio on behance (maybe my continuous 3d construction site as well). Some of my animation school pals have work uploaded there, but I am not sure if anybody pays attention to that fact (with the exception of Juicefoozle, he is an extraordinary talent). The amount of world class artists and superb quality is intimidating. But first I will enjoy some days on the Elbe cycle path - yay - holidays!