30 April 2012

Ethak screening

Thanks a lot to all people who gave us such a nice feedback last friday! We really enjoyed seeing our work on the big screen right next to the fresh animations from the current 2d class.

Its amazing that we "completed" the whole thing in the last 10 days.
We definitely have to improve our schedule for future projects, because we needed to work night and day in order to meet the deadline for the screening. But we enjoyed our work and the busy atmosphere in school very much. Now that the hardest part is done, we have time to fix some minor mistakes, before passing the film to Jonas and submitting it to competitions.

A big thank goes to our compositor Ben Pripad, who is always highly motivating and doesn't mind spending the nights with our AFX scenes.Thanks and a big hug!!!

I will post Ethak as soon as possible here!

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